Are you looking for a group and party? Congratulations, you found us early! 🥳

You’ve found the group and party here on ApeCoin forums and on the Twitter sphere! You’re early! :partying_face:

It looks like as a collective group there is a lot of energy in the air on Twitter today. People are sharing success stories and pictures of their NFTs. Please create and engage with others who are posting content. Create a buzz and encourage others!

It’s important that we interact and strengthen our connections with each other. Share your stuff and find others who are also sharing. Get started!

Welcome to the ApeCoin community. You’ve found a party to join. Now get out there and share posts, compliment others art and immerse yourselves into the space. There is so much to explore here!

I am a practiced storyteller. My Twitter story is best experienced from the bottom and working your way up. Thank you for appreciating the art I do. On DAO matters: I will not be participating in topics related to staking or things that I do not have experience with.

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Thank you to each and every person who is a part of the Yuga Labs ecosystem(s?)! Here for the long-haul :smiley:

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