AIP Idea: Cheetah Gang DAO (ApeCoin Sub-DAO)


Cheetah Gang DAO is building a sub-DAO to Ape DAO. It is a fractionalized BAYC Cheetah Ape Set. Since it is fractionalized, we are not able to claim the $APE that would have gone the DAO members, so we are proposing to airdrop cheetahgangdao.eth (DAO wallet) 69% of the 14,178 unclaimed Tokens.



Cheetah Gang DAO was one of the early, primitive “unofficial” BAYC ecosystem DAOs. It gave access to people that wanted exposure to BAYC & MAYC ownership but were priced out. Now, we hope to build ties and integrate into the larger Ape DAO (similar to how shark DAO does for Nouns DAO) by fortifying the Cheetah Gang Community with this potential airdrop.


There is culture and there is sub-culture. Cheetah Gang emerged from in the early days of the BAYC community. It was Cheetah Gang and DMT wars that forged stronger friendships in the community.

Steps to Implement

Since the apes in the fractional cheetah gang vault can still be bought out and have the tokens claimed. This proposal can be approved within the 90-day claiming window. However, it will only be executed after the 90-day period if this fractional cheetah gang vault still exist: Cheetah Gang

After the 90-day period, the tokens that would have gone to the holders of BAYC #5074 and its mutants would instead be routed to the Ape Foundation.

If the cheetah gang vault is bought out through a bid within the 90 day period, then this AIP will be voided, approved or not.

But, in the event that the Ape Foundation receives the coins pre-destined for Cheetah Gang and this proposal passes. The following will happen:

  1. Ape Foundation receives 14,178 $APE
  2. Ape Foundations sends 9,783 $APE (approx. 69%) to cheetahgangdao.eth (gnosis multi-sig )


Ape claiming ends in approximately 70 days from this initial post.

Here is the proposed timeline:

  • Discussion and community voting - Now
  • Opening of voting window - Within 62 days of the posting of this AIP-Idea
  • Close of voting window - Within 69 days from the posting of this AIP-Idea
  • Ape Foundation receives unclaimed $APE - after 90 day claiming period
  • cheetahgangdao.eth $APE airdrop - after the 90 day claiming period

Overall Cost

9783 $APE + Gas

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